Custom T-Shirts make great gifts!

A couple months ago, I was contacted by Allied Shirts to see if I would be interested in reviewing one of their customizable t-shirts. Honestly I don't wear a lot of t-shirts that have writing on them, HOWEVER my husband ALWAYS has a t-shirt on with some sort of graphic. So I quickly agreed knowing that I could use it as a gift for either his birthday or for Father's Day.

Allied Shirts offers unisex long and short sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. As I was looking through their website, it was very easy to plan the shirt from choosing the size, to the color, etc.

Then came the process of figuring out what to put on it. And that was the hardest part!

I wanted something that said that this shirt belonged to Bill, but at the same time I wanted something out of the ordinary.

I started looking around online for some inspiration....I started thinking about my hubby's, sports, etc....Then I saw this....

And I loved the saying! But since my hubby doesn't necessarity hate the Raiders....I thought about the team that he loathes with a passion!

And I came up with this:

If you knew my hubby in real life, then you know that he LOATHES the Steelers. He is a die hard 49ers fan and he is a hardcore Browns fan. Above all else, he HATES the Steelers.

I gave the shirt to him for his birthday and he LOVED it!

The process of ordering was very simple! I chose the color (they offer over 20 colors to choose from), size (they offer youth small through adult 4XL) and added the writing.

I can say that the quality of the shirt is very good. I ordered Bill a 3X as I was unsure of the shrinkage factor, but I am happy to say that the shirt had little or no shrinkage after it was washed and dried in the dryer. While it is a tad bit big for Bill because of that, it is perfect for wearing over a long sleeve tee (in other words perfect for football season!)

I would highly recommend Allied Shirts for all  your custom t-shirt design needs, be they 1 shirt or 100 shirts!

Disclaimer: I was provided a free t-shirt in exchange for an honest review from Allied Shirts.


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