Our visit to the Knox County Fair 2013

One of our traditions since moving to our community 3 years ago is to go to the county fair one afternoon during the week that it is being put on. Well this year was no exception. This past Thursday we packed the kids up and headed down  the road to the fair!

The weather was perfect...not too humid, sunny and warm! Which meant we started out our afternoon with a bit of sunscreen being put on.

Then we went and saw the sites, including lots of farm animals. One of the first things we did was go through the "merchant's building" where different stores and organizations have booths. At one of the booths by a local craft store, the kids were able to make sand art crafts in bottles.  They loved doing it!

The kids played the balloon pop game and won a prize. Rebecca won a pink monkey and Jacob won a blue whale. At $5 per game, we only let them each play 1 game, and surprisingly they were okay with that.

Then we went and let them ride a ride. Jacob wanted to ride on this spinning ride with Bill, so they did that, while Benjamin and Rebecca and I watched. Then Bill, Jacob and Rebecca rode the train ride together.

After that, it was time to go get some yummy fair food! To save the costs, I fed the kids lunch at home before we left, but I did want to get them a treat. So, I got the kids some kettle corn to share, and I got a yummy funnel cake! I only get it once a year and it is so good!
After we stopped for our snack break, we walked around some more and looked at some more animals, including turkeys, rabbits, chickens, geese and roosters!

Overall, it was a fun filled day! The kids had a blast and it was great exposing them to local fair!

Does your town have a local fair? Do you go? What is YOUR favorite fair food?


  1. What fun! Ann Arbor has an art fair, but it is always so hot, so we don't usually go. That funnel cake is making me drool! Yummy! Glad you all had a blast!


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