One of our family traditions at the zoo

Last week, while my dear hubby was on vacation, we took the kids to the Columbus Zoo. We had a blast. While we were there we embarqued on what has become a tradition anytime we go there...

It started way back when Bill and I were engaged, and we headed to the zoo. I conned him into getting his picture taken next to Pepe the penguin statue.

Every time since he poses next to the statue.

In 2007, Rebecca got added to the picture. 

And again in 2008 it was only Rebecca and Daddy.

Then in early 2010, it was Jacob's turn to join the picture. He was only a few months old.

Then in summer of 2012, it was Benjamin's turn to join in the photo with Daddy.

And finally, this year 2013, it was Bill, Benjamin, Rebecca and Jacob! It is amazing looking at the photos and seeing how the kids are growing and how my hubby is changing!.

I can't wait to see what the pictures of the future look like.
Do you have any family traditions that are not associated with a holiday? Care to share?


  1. That is adorable! And such a fun tradition. Just think that when your children are grown, they will have such a wonderful visual for their childhood and how their Daddy has changed too!

    You are inspiring me to think about getting some family traditions! :)


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