I, Walter (book review)

I, Walter


I, Walter by Mike Hartner centers around the character of Walter, a commoner, living with his family in Elizabethan England. As a teenager, Walter leaves home to forge a better place for himself in the world. He is taken under the wing of Bart on a ship heading out to the sea. What follows is a story of good coming to good people, heroes being formed, pirate fights and a romance to be found. The story of Walter is told because Walter is writing his story for the ages, while in the throws of malaria and toward his death bed as an old man.

I will tell you that I was enthralled with the story I, Walter . It is a fanciful story that will transport you to the seaports of the ancient world, you will root for Walter and his friends while they fight off pirates.You will see the beaches and seaports as if they were real to you. You will laugh at the hilarity of some of the writing. You will ache for the many hard decisions that Walter has had to make in his life. And this book will keep you rooting for the good guy to overcome.

I had a hard time putting this book down. I read it over the course of 2 nights and only put it down because I was too exhausted to continue reading. It was an enjoyable read and kept me interested. I would recommend it to anyone looking for romance, and adventure and a feel good story all wrapped into one. I, Walter is the first in a series of books in a saga which will span continents and time to arrive in present day North America, and after reading this one I cannot wait to read the rest of the series! 

Disclaimer: I was sent this book through the Kate Tilton Book Bloggers program and the author. All reviews are my own.


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on I, Walter Rachel! I am really glad to have you in the group! :)

    1. No problem! It was a great read! :)

    2. Yay! So glad to hear it :) Hopefully you'll find lots of great reads as part of the group!

  2. Thank you Rachel. I'm glad you enjoyed the read.


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