My Goals for the Week

Inspired by Crystal Paine's new book "Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: 9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your Passion for Life " (which I will post an official review of tomorrow), I have decided to start making a list of 10 weekly goals that I hope to accomplish this week. Each week I hope to post a listing of my goals for the week in the categories of: marriage, mothering, personal, blogging and homemaking.

My goals for this week are:


  • Leave Bill at least one love note on our whiteboard on nights that he works late.
  • Make a list of possible date night ideas for the future.
  • Read at least one book to each child before bed each night
  • Sign Jacob up for YMCA Spring Soccer 
  • Clean out file box from 2013 to prepare it for 2014
  • Continue to follow cleaning routine that we implemented a few weeks ago
  • Get back to drinking just one pop a day
  • Eat at least one fruit or vegetable with each meal
  • Write 3 book reviews and schedule to publish to get caught up on book reviews
  • Write one content piece about being snubbed
Paine argues that by setting a few goals each week you are more likely to get things accomplished and you are allowing yourself to focus on these goals. I am hoping that this will help me stay focused and actually feel like I have accomplished these goals. Wish me luck! 

What about you? Do you make weekly goals?
 Care to share what your weekly goals are? 


  1. Goals are good as long as you don't get too upset if they can't be reached. I had the goal to complete my report cards today when I got home only to find I forgot the folder with the software instructions on my desk at school. Oh well, tomorrow is another day :(

    1. Tomorrow is another day! Report card time is never fun. Hope you get them done sooner rather than later.


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