Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine (book review)

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: 9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your Passion for Life

From the back cover:

Calling the super busy, the stressed out, the overtired.
You know you're made for a more fulfilling life. With this book, you’ll know where to start.
You wake up tired. Your to-do list is too long. The commitments—and the laundry—are piling up, but your energy keeps dwindling. You feel like you're simply making it through the days, not living or enjoying any part of them.
In Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, you'll find both practical ideas and big-picture perspective that will inspire you to live life on purpose. As a wife, mother of three, and founder of the wildly successful blog, Crystal Paine has walked the road from barely surviving to living with intention. With the warmth and candor of a dear friend, she shares what she's learned along the way, helping you:
  • feel healthier and more energetic by setting priorities and boundaries
  • eliminate stress with savvy management of your time, money, and home
  • get more done by setting realistic goals and embracing discipline
  • rediscover your passions—and the confidence to pursue them
Packed with straightforward solutions you'll use today and inspirational stories you'll remember for years, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode is a must for any woman who's ever longed for the freedom to enjoy life, not just survive it.

My thoughts:


This book shares Crystal Paine's journey from being a depressed, stressed out, over- scheduled mom who felt like she was drowning in life to now one of the most famous blogger in the world and who offers sound, practical advice for the everyday woman to become the best mom and person that she can be. Instead of barely surviving life, Paine offers compassionate advice and tips to help women to live empowered, fulfilled lives.

The book is structured to where each chapter deals specifically with one area so that readers do not get overwhelmed. There is much of Mrs. Paines own journey and story throughout and tips and tools to help you in your own life. The chapters cover everything from managing your day to day life, to aiming for the future, to making decisions on what works best for you. Paine offers compassionate advice on setting and achieving your goals in such categories like finance and health. She offers advice on how to achieve a life with less stress and more joy. I love the Paine begins each chapter with a goal and a strategy that she will talk about in that chapter and then ends each chapter with a "Get Practical" section to show us how to use the tools in that chapter in our own lives.

There are a couple things that Mrs. Paine does not do. She does not preach that her way is the right way. She does not preach that you must do things a certain way for success. Instead she allows her reader, in this case, me to know that I don't have to be Supermom or a Superwoman. Instead I can focus on what is important in my own life and know that that is okay. I am looking forward to implementing some of her strategies that she shares in the book, including her goal making steps. I love that she includes in the appendix a few of her worksheets to help me along my way to a more stress free life.

I HIGHLY recommend this book to any woman who is feeling stressed, overwhelmed and less than enthusiastic about life. This book will help you to take steps to changing your life for the better.

DISCLAIMERThis book was provided free of charge from Thomas Nelson publishers and All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. This definitely sounds like a "must read" book, Rachel! Thanks for the great review! :)


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