Snow/ Cold Day--Day 2

Saw this on facebook this morning, and just had to share!
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Today, my daughter's school and the place that I work at is closed again. We were also closed yesterday due to the dangerous wind chills we are experiencing around here. This is our calamity day #5...unless the governor changes the law, then any more days off due to snow/cold we will have to make up probably at the end of the school year. Some schools in our area have used 11 snow days so far!

Right now, as I am typing this up, it is -2F outside with a wind chill of -15F. That is an improvement from an hour ago when it was -7F and wind chills were -22F. All I know is that it is COLD. Here in the house, the furnace is working non-stop and it is still down to 64F here.  I am not looking forward to our gas bill. I shouldn't complain though, at least we have heat.

Yesterday, I spent the morning on the couch covered up and the afternoon in bed with a nasty head cold. Today I feel a little better. Still have the head cold, but have more energy so am hoping to get some things done.

I have promised the kids pizza, oranges and carrots for lunch since Rebecca was upset that she would miss pizza day at school. Thankfully I have a cheese pizza in the freezer for the kids :)

Also on my to do list for today is folding the 6 loads of laundry now sitting on top of my dining room table, and putting them away, stripping the kids' beds and washing, drying and folding their blankets. Dusting the kids' rooms. I also want to tackle my desk area and file things and set up 2014 files for bills.

I think that should keep me busy and I hope I can get most of those things accomplished.

What about you? 
How is the weather where you are? 
What do you hope to get accomplished today? 


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