Snow Day today!

So today was supposed to be the day that Rebecca went back to school from Christmas break and I was supposed to go back to work....

Well Mother Nature made other plans. Due to the extreme cold (supposed to hit temps of -15 later today, without factoring in any wind) and snow and ice, we have a snow day today.

Rebecca cried when she got up and I told her there was no school. She really wanted to go back as she said she misses her friends. I am so glad she enjoys school!

Right now as I am typing this up, the sun has decided to come out and tease up, but it is super cold out. We will stay inside and just enjoy having another day home together. I told the kids we could watch "Toy Story 2" this afternoon and make popcorn to hopefully make her feel a little better.

Later,  I am planning on making chili and cornbread for dinner. As for the rest of today, I will probably work on laundry and maybe reading.

What about you? Any plans for today?
How is the weather where you are? Are you staying warm? 


  1. Stay warm. It's headed our way.

  2. bitter cold here as well. Dh had a snow day as we couldn't get out of the driveway because of all the snow.

  3. Yesterday I had a Snow Day and today a Cold Day - so have missed two days of school so far this week! Stay warm!


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