Happy birthday to me

So today is my birthday. Today I turned 35 year old...or as my younger brother told me yesterday at church, "I am half way to 70!" LOL

Yesterday we were supposed to go to the zoo with my in-laws to celebrate, but Mother Nature had a different idea. It rained off and on all day yesterday with some torrential downpours and thunderstorms. So we postponed the trip. Instead we went out to dinner with my parents, brother, his girlfriend, and my sister. We went to Jake's steakhouse. I ate way too much. We had appetizers including fried onions and nachos and potato skins. For dinner, I had grilled chicken covered in mushrooms, onions and green peppers covered in monterey jack cheese, a baked potato and a side salad. Then my dad decided we needed to have desserts to celebrate, so I HAD to have a piece of cheesecake with strawberry sauce on top. It was very yummy, but I ate way too much. My parents also gave me a beautiful turtle necklace that they had bought for me in North Carolina. We had went into a jewelry store and I had told my mom that I like the blue stone that was in the turtle, and unbeknownst to me they bought it for me for my birthday. It was a very nice dinner out.

Today, it has kind of been a regular Monday around here. I tutored this morning a girl whom I have been tutoring the last 3 summers. Then I had to take Benjamin for speech therapy. When I got home, Bill and the older two kids met me at the door to wish me happy birthday. They had gotten me a few presents. The kids wrapped up a toy from each of them for me to play with...Jacob wrapped up a Ken doll, and Rebecca wrapped up a princess tiara so I could be queen. Bill got me a yoga bluray set and a yoga mat, and a bag of York peppermint patties.

After opening my presents, I sat down for a late lunch of Subway from my hubby. Then I ended up taking a nap. I just fed the kids an easy dinner of waffles, turkey bacon and grapes, and I am trying to decide what to do about dinner for Bill and I. Bill is at work right now, but I really don't want to cook as it is my birthday. Decisions, decisions.... I am leaning toward ordering food and having Bill pick it up when he gets home....

So overall, it has been a very low key day and that is okay with me. Turning 35 is okay. I don't necessarily feel old, but I do know there are some changes that I need to make in order to live to be old.... I am still thinking about what those changes are and the best way to go about them. They will involve getting healthier, moving more, eating less, drinking more water, trying to stress less...etc....Hopefully I will have a plan in place by the end of this week. As I told my dad, the year of being 35 is going to be the year of some major changes.

Well I need to go and straighten up from the kids' dinner, and maybe spend some time doing some reading for fun.

Hope everyone has had a great Monday!


  1. Happy 35th Birthday! !! I am so glad you had a great day:)

  2. Happy belated birthday! Love that the kids wrapped up their toys for you-sweet!

    1. Thanks! It was really sweet of them :)

  3. Happy birthday! July is a great month to have a birthday! (Mine was July 17. I turned 27) :D

    1. Thanks! And happy belated birthday to you! :)


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