Homemaking Meme

Sandra over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom, has tagged me in a meme...I used to love to do things like these when I first got on facebook, and when I would get email ones. I haven't done one in a really long time so I thought I would join in. As a side note, I am supposed to tag a few to continue it, but I will just say if you are reading this then you are tagged! :) 

So here goes: 

Aprons - Y/N If Y what does your favorite look like?
I love the idea of an apron, but have never worn one. 

Baking - Favorite thing to bake?
It is probably a toss up between cakes and muffins. I like the challenge of baking and decorating a cake for special occasions, but I like the simplicity of making muffins--especially zucchini and/or pumpkin muffins.  

Clothesline - Y/N
Again like aprons, I like the idea of one, but have never had a chance to use one. 

Donuts - Have you ever made them?
Nope. I have never had a desire to make them.   

Everyday - One homemaking thing you do everyday?
Laundry and dishes.

Freezer - Do you have a separate deep freeze?
Yes I do. It houses our dinner meats and extras.

Garbage Disposal - Y/N
Yes. I missed it when we went on our vacation to North Carolina and the condo we rented did not have one. 

Handbook - What is your favorite homemaking resource?
Honestly I usually turn to blogs for resources.

Ironing - Love it or hate it?
I don't really love it or hate it. It just something that has to be done sometimes. 

Junk drawer- Y/N - Where is it?
Yes in the kitchen.  

Kitchen - Color and decorating scheme?
We are renting so we have no choice as to the scheme. It is done in wallpaper that have vines all over it, and an old fashioned light fixture. Not my ideal kitchen but it is okay. 

Love - What is your favorite part of homemaking?
Making meals for Bill and the kids and watching them enjoy them. 

Mop - Y/N
Yes, as we have all hardwoods through most of the house. 

Nylons - Wash by hand or in washing machine?
When I wear hose, in the washing machine. But that is a rare occurence.   

Oven - Do you use the window to check on things or do you open the door?
I open the door. 

Pizza - What do you put on yours?
Lots of cheese, pepperoni, onions and green peppers.

Quiet - What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment?
Check Facebook, read a book, read blogs....although with 3 young kids there is rarely a quiet time.  

Recipe Card Box - Y/N
Sort of...I have a recipe binder that I have recipes in that I have gotten handed down to me or that I have been given from people  

Style of house
Lived in....traditional.....????

Tablecloth and napkins - Y/N
No because of the kids.  

Under the kitchen sink - Organized or toxic wasteland?
Organized mostly...

Vacuum -  How many times per week? 
Less than 1...we only have one closet that has carpet so less often than most people.

Wash - How many loads per week?
At least one load a day....

X's - Do you make a daily to do list and check it off as you do things? 
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Depends on what needs to be done. 

Yard - Y/N - Who does what?
Bill does all the yard work.  

Zzz's - What is the last homemaking task you do for the day before you go to bed?
Turn on the dishwasher, turn off lights and tv and go to bed.


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