This week I have decided to work on cleaning up the house and dusting and doing those yucky tasks that I don't like to do. June was a very busy month and looks like later in July will be busy as well, then we are talking back to school so I decided that this week we have hardly anything planned so I will be cleaning. I took advantage of Bill being home on Sunday and cleaned and dusted the upstairs.

The biggest problem in the bedrooms was that mine and Bill's dressers had become catch-alls for stuff. So I cleaned them off and it made the room feel so much cleaner. I also stripped the bed, washed sheets, remade the bed, swept under the bed and the whole floor, dusted the room and did general tidying.

The kids' rooms just really needed general tidying. I stripped all their beds and remade them. I cleaned up toys and swept and dusted the entire rooms. I also had a talk with Rebecca about putting her clothes away where they go and NOT in her toy box. I had opened the lid of her toy box and found 7 items of clothes including 3 nightgowns that had been missing.

Finally I cleaned the upstairs bathroom. I still need to deep clean the closet off the bathroom, but I will wait until later in July when I can set things up for selling on facebook or ebay.

Overall I am pretty happy with what I got accomplished upstairs. Today I plan on attacking our mudroom and kitchen.

Are you cleaning/decluttering anything? 


  1. I am not and I totally should, as my mother in law arrives tomorrow. :)

    You accomplished a ton! And I love your before and after pictures; way to go, girl!

  2. Wow, looks great!! :) I'm decluttering the house from top to bottom! We have 7 boxes & 4 big garbage bags full so far!


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