North Carolina Family Vacation Day 6--beach fun, aquarium, and pool fun

On Thursday (July 10) it was supposed to be stormy out for part of the day so we decided to take the kids down to the beach in the morning so that we could have some beach time before it became stormy. When we went down to the beach, Ben again decided to run around and Rebecca and Jacob decided they wanted to be in the water. My mom came down and she stood in the water with the kids and I while Bill chased Benjamin around.

A little while after we came down, we could see a couple storm clouds off on the horizon. One decided to come over head and it rained for about 3 seconds before moving off. We then came up onto the beach, and the kids decided to bury me, which they thought was great fun.

Soon it was time to come in for lunch. Lunch was comprised of….lets eat what we can so we don’t waste any food. The kids ate the last of the bread, as I made them PB&Js and they had the last of the chips as well. Bill ate the last of the jar of peanut butter and had a slim fast shake. I had a small bag of cashews and 2 mini twix bars. LOL After I fed the kids, I hopped in the shower to get all of the sand that was still caked on me off.

After my shower, we decided to head out and visit the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. This was a fun trip, as the kids got to see a lot of different fish…including a yellow fin ray (like the one I saw in the ocean) and a huge shark. Rebecca loved the seahorses and Jacob loved the turtles. Benjamin alternated between being enthralled with the fish and throwing tantrums because we were making him walk. For the summer, they also had several dinosaur models on their outside marsh walk that the kids enjoyed seeing, including one that spit water at people. Overall it was a lovely visit and the kids really liked it.

After the aquarium, we decided to head out to dinner…and we headed to a restaurant that Bill and I remembered quite fondly from our vacation here 8 years ago--Flipperz. We arrived around 4pm and were seated right away. The service was still great, but I was disappointed in the food. Bill ordered a shrimp platter which he said was good, Jacob had a pb&j and fries, Benjamin had a cheeseburger and fries and Rebecca had a hot dog and fries. I ordered a mahi mahi wrap that was just okay. I was just under whelmed by the food.  And as the priciest family meal we had eaten, it ranked last as far as my favorites. After dinner, we went right next door to a gift shop to get some fudge, as my kids had never had fudge before and we decided to get a treat.

We then headed back to the condo, where I dropped the kids and Bill off and then headed out to get another gallon of milk and batteries, as our camera batteries where blinking red. I headed out to the closest gas station/ souvenir shop, where milk was $3.99 for 1/2 gallon. No thank you. I headed next door to a dollar general and milk was $3.95 for a gallon…which was more like it.

When I got back to the condo, Bill and I decided to get everyone’s swim suits on and head down to the pool. The condo complex has 3 pools, including one small kiddie pool (which was 1 foot deep). We took the kids down as Jacob and Benjamin have never been swimming in a pool before. The boys were not to sure of what to think. For the first 10 minutes or so, Benjamin held tightly to me and didn’t want to do anything in the pool. Jacob didn’t even want to get in the pool. Thankfully there was another family there who had a bunch of pool toys that the mom said we could play with and that helped get the boys acclimated. By the end, Benjamin was walking around in the water as was Jacob. After about an hour or so, Bill took Benjamin and Jacob back up the room to change and get a snack, while I took Rebecca over to the bigger pool (which ranged from 3- 4 ft). She loves swimming and honestly I love it as well and had forgotten how I felt in the pool. While there, Rebecca met up with a girl that he had swam with a few days before named “Dixie” and they had fun playing with a ball and with a glow necklace that Dixie’s mom had given her. Finally it was time to come up and get changed and have a snack.

While we were getting a snack of fudge, Rebecca was jumping up and hit her head on the cabinet, making it bleed a little. She was upset about it.

Finally, we got the kids in bed, and Bill and I decided to lay in bed and read as there was some signs that a storm was brewing, as it was starting to lightening pretty bad over the mainland. I finished my 2nd book and we decided it was time to sleep. Just as I was drifting off, I heard a loud beep and Bill and I both looked at each other and said” What was that?” The next minute the power blinked off and on and we heard the beep again…it was the microwave coming back on. I got up and looked out and it was raining pretty hard and it was thundering and lightening pretty bad. I got a flashlight out and put it by the bed and decided to go back to sleep. The walls in the condo are pretty soundproof as I didn’t hear the thunder at all until I opened the front door and the kids never woke up. Overall, another great day!


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