North Carolina Family Vacation Day 2---turtles, a shark and a walk on the beach

Sunday July 6 was our first full day at the beach….

After we got up, we all enjoyed a breakfast…Jacob and Rebecca had donuts and bananas, Benjamin had cereal and a banana, Bill had donuts and I had a cheese danish and a banana. After breakfast, we all got our swimsuits and sunblock on and headed down to enjoy the gorgeous day.

While on the beach, the kids had a blast. Rebecca kept wanting to go out farther and farther in the ocean. Ben didn’t want anything to do with the water and Jacob liked it for a little bit and then not. My parents and sister and brother are also staying in this area this week and they came down to join us.

For lunch, we came back to the condo and the kids and I had PB&Js, chips and strawberries. Bill had leftover pizza. We ate lunch out on the balcony which the kids enjoyed. After lunch, Jacob was being whiny so he went down for some quiet time and Benjamin and I played and watched a few cartoons while Bill and Rebecca went down to one of the 4 pools in the complex.

For dinner, we decided to go out to eat. We were going to go to a restaurant called Flipperz but when we got there the wait was 45 minutes and with 3 young kids we can’t wait that long. So we decided to go to restaurant named RuckerJohns and they were able to seat us right away. Their food and service are fantastic. Bill had a cajun shrimp wrap which he said was yummy. Rebecca had a hot dog and fries…the fries were handmade and were more cut from real potatoes in circle shaped. Benjamin had grilled cheese and fries. Jacob had a PB&J sandwich and fries. I had a grilled fish sandwich…which was grilled mahi mahi on sourdough bread with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and light vinaigrette. It was really good.

After dinner we decided to walk around the complex where the restaurant was and we saw turtles in the river behind the complex. We also went into a bookstore and looked around at some other shops.

When we came back to the condo, we met up with my parents and brother and sister to walk on the beach before dark. When we got down to the beach, we noticed a few guys fishing right in front of our condo unit. I noticed one guy was pulling his line in and he definitely caught something….well that something turned out to be a shark. When he pulled it ashore he put a tag on its fin and he measured it. He told the bystanders that it was a male, blacktip shark. It measured in at 58 inches long. Then he and his fellow fisherman, got the hook out the sharks mouth and got the shark back into the water and released it. It was amazing to see the shark, but scary to know that it had been caught right near where we had been swimming earlier.

Then we started walking along the beach. The sunset was gorgeous. Rebecca LOVED looking for shells, of which there were a ton. Jacob couldn’t decide if he liked it or not. Benjamin didn’t want to walk at first, but then he realized he liked picking up shells and throwing them. At least he found something to like.

After coming back in, we got the kids bathed and put to bed. Again I had to rock Ben and lay in bed with him before he would go to sleep. Bill and I got showered then enjoyed a wine cooler  (peach fuzzy navel for me, Jamaican me Happy for Bill) on the balcony before we headed to bed ourselves. It was a great first full day at the beach.

Stay tuned for day 3!


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