The Chopped Cookbook

The Chopped Cookbook: Use What You've Got to Cook Something Great

Book Description:

Never again let the question, “What's for dinner?” stump you. The Chopped Cookbook features secrets for combining pantry staples to make exciting meals. 
If you’ve ever looked into your fridge, hoping for inspiration to strike, let The Chopped Cookbook help you shake up weeknight dinners. Just as each basket on Chopped has many tasty possibilities, so, too, do the contents of your refrigerator. By showing you how to spin your favorite ingredients into 188 fun, doable, and delicious recipes—including go-to guides for making salad dressings and pan sauces, four-ingredient market baskets that can go in many tasty directions, and ideas for ways to reinvent pasta dinners—the culinary masterminds at Food Network set you up for mealtime victory every night.

My thoughts:

I was excited to receive The Chopped Cookbook by Food Network Kitchen for 2 reasons. One is that I have been a fan of the show Chopped on Food Network for some time. I like how they take a variety of items and create masterpieces out of them. The second reason is that I have found my own cooking to be the same things over and over and quite honestly I was getting bored. Upon receiving it, I found the cookbook to be a combination of things that I expected and things that I did not expect.

I expected it to be full of yummy recipes and combinations that I had never thought of and it was. I expected the photos to look very yummy and they did. (There were not pictures of every recipe, which was kind of disappointing to me.) I expected there to be lots of different recipes using different ingredients and there were.

The things that I did not expect. I kind of expected that there would be recipes that had been used in the show. There were not. There were recipes to use items that any person that could be found in your pantry. While this was good, I was disappointed that it didn't tie in to the show more. I expected there to be some exotic recipes in there, but there really wasn't. Most of the recipes sounded normal to me.

Overall, I think this is a good cookbook to have in one's collection. I have not had a chance to personally make any of the recipes, but I have gotten inspiration from it and I think that is the goal of the authors.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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