Date night and NOT so amazing....

Saturday was an extremely busy day. Bill had to work most of the day. Rebecca had a softball game (which her team won!), that she had to there by 10:30 and we didn't get home from it until 1. Then we had a quick lunch. I had Rebecca do her homework, then I had to take her to a birthday party. While she was at the birthday party, I gave the boys a bath, then I had to go back and pick her up. Bill brought home a large pizza that someone had given him, so we gave that to the kids for dinner. We decided to have an impromptu date night since we had no evening plans and we just wanted to relax. We decided to once again do a dinner and movie. 

We ordered Chinese food and I went over to our Family Video store and rented The Amazing Spider-man 2.  We really were not in the mood for anything too serious and we have enjoyed most other Marvel movies so I thought that this would be a good movie. It had just come out on DVD this past week, so I was actually surprised that the video store had any left. 

So, after I picked up our food and movie, we ate our Chinese food... egg rolls, chicken and broccoli, and sweet and sour chicken...YUMMY. Then got the kids to bed and sat down to watch our movie. 

Well.... the Chinese food that we had was much better than the movie. The Amazing Spider-man 2 was NOT amazing. In fact, we turned it off after 45 minutes because it was boring. The plot was VERY slow and the casting of the characters was just not good in my opinion. After we turned it off, I read the rest of a library book and Bill watched several episodes of "The Simpsons" during the FXX's "Every Simpson's Ever" marathon showing. 

So, even though our evening didn't go as planned, I think we both enjoyed just spending time with each other and doing things that we liked. 


  1. I saw that Spiderman was out when I went to the video store last Friday - thanks for the heads up though, i definitely won't be renting it. I'm not into super hero movies that much anyways. As long as you're spending time together that's all that matters:)

    1. Yeah, Bill told me when I took it back yesterday that I should put a warning label on it that said "Do Not Rent!" LOL

  2. My husband has collected spiderman comics since he was 7 and he didn't like this version at all. That was all I needed to hear to steer clear. Glad you guys cut your losses early. :)

    1. Yeah it was bad. And it is 45 minutes that I will never get back LOL :)


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