Happy Homemaker Monday

How can it be Monday afternoon already? This weekend flew by...Saturday's date night was a HUGE SUCCESS! Bill was surprised that we were going to Subway, then was THRILLED that I was taking him to see "Guardians of the Galaxy." I will admit that the movie was nothing like I thought it would be. It was nothing like the other Marvel super hero movies that we have seen. But it was REALLY good! There were numerous funny parts and I was impressed. 

This morning, I had my last tutoring session of the summer (can't believe school starts middle of next week!) and then had to take Benjamin to his speech therapy session. I am finally sitting down to type this out....Monday's seem to move along rather quickly.  

So today, I am joining Sandra today over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for her Happy Homemaker Monday theme! 

Breakfast time, what is on the plate this morning:::: This morning I had to tutor and so I had an easy breakfast of cheerios and a banana! Easy Peasy! 

On this week's to do list:::: I have decided to change this to a weekly to do list because it makes more sense to me... So this week we have: Benjamin speech therapy, getting back into work to get some things done, working on work from home, Rebecca has softball, need to make a trip to the library, need to make a trip to Kmart to return some pants that don't fit. 

Currently reading:::: The Healing Quilt by Wandy E. Brunstetter

On the TV today:::: kids were watching cartoons this morning, I have "A Walk to Remember" on the dvr to watch, but I might just tune into some shark shows for Discovery Channel's Shark week, although I had to turn off the one last night as it was all Hollywood and not really a documentary. I like REAL documentaries and not some fantasy shark shows. 

The weather outside is::::Today it is rainy. We need the rain, so it is okay with me. 

On the menu this week:::: I actually have some ideas of what to fix this week, but am not assigning days as I find that too constrictive.....so tonight we will chicken patties, french fries, and apples

The rest of the week we will have the choice of: 
ham and cheese rollups, green beans and fruit
fish sticks and clam strips, peas, and carrots
sloppy joes, green beans, applesauce

If I have a few minutes to myself, I will:::: read some of my book, browse Pinterest

Favorite photo from the camera::::

This is the mess that Benjamin decided to make with his yogurt one day with his lunch. LOL

Visiting with blog friends (blog you want to share, blog post that caught your eye):::: I really think I might want to make this chicken broccoli hotdish for my family.

Praying for:::: direction and patience to wait on His timing. For my sister as she is preparing to head off to college. My brother as he is preparing to enter high school. Rebecca as she is preparing to head back to school. Jacob as he is preparing to head to school for the first time. 

Bible Verse, Devotional that is resonating me with at the moment:::: 

Picture Credit

Thanks Sandra for hosting! Hope everyone has a great week! 


  1. I have read The Healing Quilt and really enjoyed it, then again I am a big Wanda Brunstetter fan and have quite a few of her books.

    Love the picture of the yogurt mess Hahahahah You have to laugh with these little ones, they do the funniest things at times.

    Have a wonderful week Rachel!


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