Weigh In Wednesday #3

In an effort to lose 40 lbs over the course of the next year (by July 28, 2015) I have decided to have a weekly accountability forum here on my blog. Every Wednesday I will be posting a "Weigh In Wednesday" post where I will post my weight taken that morning and things that I did good on the previous week, and things (goals) to work on for the next week. I think that by doing this, I can break it down into smaller goals and hopefully make myself more accountable!

First let's recap my official starting weight was:::  235.6 lbs.
My weight last week was::: 235.8 lbs
My weight this week is:::236.4... a gain of over half a pound :(

My food goal for last week::: Only drink 1 pop a day, the rest of the time choose water.-- 
I did okay with this goal for the most part. I definitely drank less pop and was more conscious of what decisions I was making. Or at least I thought I was. But apparently since I gained again, I really wasn't.

My fitness goal for last week:::Do an exercise activity at least 20 minutes at least 4 days this week.-- I only did 1 conscious workout on the Wii...although I did run around in the yard with the kids one day and I chased the boys on the playground during Rebecca's softball practice. 

I think I just stink at this. I am frustrated. Lying to myself that I am making changes. I am ticked off right now. Maybe that is what I need. To be mad. To be angry with myself. I thought about putting that I had not gained or lost this week on here because I didn't want to face it. But you know what, that would be lying and I hate liars. I have to stop lying to myself. I need to buck up and do this. 

So, my food goal for this week is::: I am going to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks. No eating after 8pm. 

And my fitness goal for this week is::: Do 3 20 minute workouts. 

So there you have it. I had a very bad week. This coming week will be better because I am ticked off.

Any words of wisdom? Thoughts? Advice? 
I would love to have all the support I can get!!
If you are trying to lose weight, feel free to tag along on these posts as well! Would love some company on this weight loss journey! 


  1. Are you also watching the sodium content in your food? could this be water weight? as women, we tend to be very susceptible to water bloat, due to hormones.


  2. Good for you in making a goal to cut down on the pop! I love, love pop but I find I do better if I simply don't drink it at all as opposed trying to drink in moderation. I actually drink Emergen-C now when I need a soda fix, still has the fizz and it sounds strange but hot tea (green/mint) also seems to curb my cola cravings. I am just 2 weeks into trying the Carb Cycle plan in Chris Powell's book but I really like it so far...exercising is my downfall currently.


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