Happy Homemaker Monday

Man this weekend seems to have gone by fast. I had high hopes for getting things done, but really only got a few things done on my to do list. Part of that was that we spent the entire day out of the house yesterday---first with church, then lunch, then a trip to the zoo, then meeting up with my parents for dinner, finally getting home around 10pm last night. So I have just added those things to my to do list for this week, and I am okay with that as that is how life goes at times.... 

Today, I am joining Sandra today over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for her Happy Homemaker Monday theme! And to keep things interesting, she has given us some new questions for this week :) 

Breakfast time, what is on the plate this morning:::: This morning I had to tutor and I got up late, so I had a muffin, a banana, and a glass of orange juice.

On this week's to do list:::: I have decided to change this to a weekly to do list because it makes more sense to me... So this week we have: Benjamin speech therapy, getting back into work to get some things done, working on work from home, Benjamin has an evaluation appt in Columbus, Rebecca has softball, need to make a trip to the library, back to school shopping for Jacob, plan a date night with Bill. 

Currently reading::::Family Pictures by Jane Green

On the TV today:::: kids were watching cartoons this morning, I have "Chasing Life" on the dvr to watch, but the Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds are playing tonight so I may have to watch that.

The weather outside is::::Today it is sunny and warm

On the menu this week:::: I actually have some ideas of what to fix this week, but am not assigning days as I find that too constrictive.....so tonight we will have salmon, fish sticks, rice, broccoli and carrots. 

The rest of the week we will have the choice of: 
chicken tenders, green beans and fruit
baked chicken with sauce, corn, potatoes of some kind
taco bake and green beans
hot dogs and macaroni and cheese

If I have a few minutes to myself, I will::::make a list of date ideas, read some of my book

Favorite photo from the camera::::

Visiting with blog friends (blog you want to share, blog post that caught your eye):::: This article caught my eye this week about finding the joy in each individual child and their milestones. 

Praying for::::direction and patience to wait on His timing. For my sister as she is preparing to head off to college. My brother as he is preparing to enter high school. Rebecca as she is preparing to head back to school. Jacob as he is preparing to head to school for the first time. 

Bible Verse, Devotional that is resonating me with at the moment:::: 

photo credit

Thanks Sandra for hosting! Hope everyone has a great week! 


  1. What a cute photo, I love Giraffes :)

    Prayers for everyone on your list. Have a wonderful week Rachel!

    1. Thanks Sandra! We went to the zoo on Sunday and the giraffes were so cute! Have a great week too!

  2. That bible verse resonates with me too with all that is going on with me right now. I'm with you on meal planning - I have o have somer flexibility. Have a great week!

    1. I know. I just have to remember things will happen on His time.... It is hard, isn't it? LOL You have a great week too!

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