Things on my mind: random post

Do you  know how hard it is to watch 2 rambunctious boys on the playground while also trying to have some vested interest in a little girl's softball practice? Welcome to my world. Last night Rebecca had softball practice, and there is a playground right next to the field that she was practicing on. Which is great, except Benjamin has decided it is his goal to escape to the road that winds through the park anytime I do not have my eyes directly on him, and Jacob decided that he didn't want to get along with some of the other children there last night. And to make matters worse, Bill had to stay at work instead of being able to come and help. He got there the last 15 minutes....

It wasn't all bad news though...Benjamin learned how to go down the slide by himself. Which he enjoyed doing over and over and over. LOL

This morning, I decided to take a chance and walk the kids down to the playground near our house. It is about a 15 minute walk there.  The kids seemed to enjoy the walk and they liked playing on the playground, although it was stressful for me as it is not really meant for 2 year olds. The bonus was that they were the only kids there and so they had there run of the playground. The other bonus was it meant that I got a 30 minute walk in for exercise! :)

I did learn something this morning to file for later....when you take the kids to the park before 10am, make sure to take a towel to dry off the slides or you will hear that they are wet all the way on the walk home, but not on the playground itself. LOL

Today, I need to get some stuff done. I just got my work schedule for next week and the week after and because of a change in school dismissal time, I am losing 1.25 hours of time. Stinks, but there is nothing I can do about it. I can't believe that school starts next week. This weekend we have softball practice for Rebecca and Open House for Rebecca and I have to work it for my job.

Sorry this post is just kind of random, but that is where my mind is today.....


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