Date night with hubby

So the other day I got a book in the mail that had 52 different ideas for cheap dates to go on with your spouse for review. (Look for the review in the next couple of weeks). When I opened it, Hubby and I started talking about how we need to start making it a priority to have a date night at least twice a month. We were having a date night once a week but then with summer we got away from it, and we need that adult time with each other. So we have decided to have a date night at least 2 times a month at minimum, with each of us responsible for 1 of those nights. We said that they don't have to cost a lot of money and they may in fact just be us eating dinner at home after the kids go to bed or an idea like that. We will probably try out some of the ideas in the book as well.

Well, tonight is my turn. I told Bill that I would plan a date night this week. After the week we have had, I think we need a night out. So I have decided to do something that we used to do when we were dating...dinner and a movie.

I know it sounds cliche, but I think this will be a good choice for us tonight. To keep costs down, I have asked my sister to babysit. She is leaving for college in 2 weeks, so am trying to take advantage of her being around. Also instead of going somewhere fancy for dinner, Bill and I will go to our local Subway shop to eat.

As for the movie, I am planning on taking Bill to see this:

We have seen all the rest of the Marvel movies. Most of them we saw in the theater, but a few we have only seen on DVD. I think that after the emotional week that Bill has had, I wanted to do something for him that I know he will like. And in keeping with the idea of keeping cost down, I have a free movie ticket that we had won at Rebecca's school's dinner auction last year that I will use. And since we are going to go eat first, I will probably suggest we don't get popcorn. I don't need the extra calories anyway.

So I hope that this date works out and that Bill has fun. I am trying to do something I know he will enjoy, but also keep it somewhat low cost and do things a little different than we would normally do.

Do you date your spouse? 
Any date night ideas for future dates? 


  1. You will love it! It was amazing. We have seen all the Marvel movies too. That's what we do when we have date nights. :)

    1. We usually go to the movies too...just trying to not always do that.

      And I will admit, I really did enjoy the movie! It was nothing like I thought it would be and so good!


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