Contraptions A to Z

On Saturday, Bill and I took advantage of the nicer weather to get the kids out of the house. We went to lunch and then headed to the CA&C Depot here in town to explore the art and science exhibit "Contraptions A to Z" with the kids. "Contraptions A to Z" is an interactive science and art exhibit designed by Clifford Wagner Science Interactives and it was being exhibited here in our town until next weekend.

It was a really neat exhibit and the kids had a blast! (And it was completely FREE to go to!)

D is for the drum machine

K is for kitchen clutter

B is for berserko ball bouncer-- this was Jacob's favorite

C is for cuckoo cuckoo clock-- this was Benjamin's favorite

G is for Gizmo Gears

K is for Kitchen Clutter

R is for Rope Thrower-- this was one of Rebecca's favorites

W is for Watchdog

The kids at the drum machine

N is for Nervous Nellie
Overall, the kids had a blast. Rebecca was really interested in how the different exhibits worked. Jacob like pushing the buttons and moving the gears, etc. I like that they had a good time and that it was free, fun family entertainment. I am trying to be more diligent about finding things like this for our family to do. I will say that if this exhibit ever comes to a place near you, you should go and see it. It is really neat.


  1. That exhibit looks like a lot of fun! I like to take my kids to nature centers that are nearby as they are usually free and we all have fun there.


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