Weekly Goals for week of January 12, 2015

Last week I decided to start making out my weekly to do lists again to see if it would help me to be more productive. I am happy to say that it did make me more productive last week. Here is how I did...
  • Mail Rebecca's pen pal letter
  • Exercise following the ab/squat plan that I am following
  • Dollar Tree trip for napkins, large envelopes and gifts for Rebecca's friend's birthday party (they wanted dog toys and treats to donate to the pet shelter instead of birthday gift)
  • Grocery store 1 time!
  • Post 3 book reviews (I am so far behind in posting reviews...I have 5 to do I believe to be caught up)--I posted 1.
  • Laundry - get caught up and stay caught up
  • Balance checkbook 
  • Hang up Bill's man cave sign that I made him for Christmas
  • Go through 2 totes of stuff in the basement and declutter--I went through 1 tote in the basement, but I also cleaned off and decluttered the top of the dryer
  • Take donations to Goodwill (I have 2 trash bags and 2 boxes of things full of stuff to donate that I have decluttered since Jan 1)
  • Make list for grocery store and stick to it! 
  • Read to the kids each night.--I did not do this and I really need to make this a priority
  • Figure out time to go get Benjamin's blood work done--Nope, didn't even think about it.
  • Ben's speech appt.
  • Jacob has an eye doc appt.
  • Ben has an ENT appt.
This week, I hope to be as productive if not more so....Here are my goals for this week: 
  • cut all the kids' fingernails and toenails
  • declutter tote upstairs in the hallway that has been there since before Christmas
  • dust upstairs (our room, Rebecca's room, the boys' room, and the bathroom)
  • sweep all floors upstairs and mop the bathroom
  • shred old bills and statements from 2014 that we don't need
  • declutter 1 tote from the basement
  • clean out downstairs bathroom cabinet
  • continue to follow ab/squat challenge
  • Laundry- one load at least a day, taking Sunday off
  • Post 2 book reviews
  • Read to the kids at least 4 nights out of 7
  • Figure out time for Benjamin's blood work
  • Ben speech appt.
  • Fill out and mail off HEAP application and Insurance renewal information
  • date night with Bill
  • Complete 4 chapters in Rebecca's First Reconciliation book with her
  • Grocery store 1 time for produce and milk and bread. 
So there you have it. My goals for this week. I think they are totally doable.  I hope everyone has a great week! 


  1. Ambitious, but you got this! And congrats on last week; totally impressive given the snow days and snow-day-crazed kids to deal with. :)

  2. I find a list really helps me too! When I can't think what needs to be done i can check the list.


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