No school due to the extreme cold


Today is another snow day....well actually school is closed due to the extreme cold. To be honest I was kind of surprised that we closed. I left work last night thinking we would have a delay this morning, but that we would still have school. But last night, I realized when I got home that the public schools around here had already called off for today and this was around 7 pm last night. As Bill and I were eating our chinese dinner for date night, we got the automated call from the kids' school that there would be no school today due to the extreme cold. It got down to -30 wind chill overnight. As it is right now, the heater has not turned off at all and it is still struggling to stay around 67 in the house. It is a balmy 0 outside right now, but wind chills are still at -20. We have a wind chill warning going on until 4 pm today. And when I checked the weather we are supposed to get 1-2 more inches of snow overnight. Just great. It is January and we are in the middle of winter. I am not looking forward to getting our next heating bill. Oh well, what will be, will be.

This morning, I was awoken by Benjamin crying. He had pooped in his diaper overnight, so I got him up, changed him and then we cuddled in my bed and he went back to sleep. It was a nice gift to be able to cuddle with him before the older 2 got up. Right now the kids are playing and getting along mostly. We will see how long this lasts.

As for me, I have gotten a couple of things done today. I started a load of laundry--still have a ton more to do to get caught up. Hung up the new smoke detector in the basement, as the other one we had fell off and broke. I have had the new one for 3 weeks and just now got around to hanging it up. I hung up Bill's man cave sign that I made him for Christmas. I have done the dishes that were left from last night that needed hand washed...pots and pans and a colander. I also answered the door to let our landlord in to fix our upstairs sink that wouldn't drain, and to show me where the water supply is for our boiler heating system. I still should take advantage of it being a sweatpants and sweatshirt kind of a day and get some things done.


  1. Our school had school, even though the public schools cancelled due to cold. But I just couldn't face packing all of them in the van in this weather, esp. the baby, so I called the oldest in. Oh well, so now, I'm THAT mom. You are being productive on your unexpected day at home. That baby and I are watching Call the Midwife on Netflix while the children play now, I'm THAT mom. Gotta work on this...... :)

    1. It is perfectly okay to be THAT mom. If my kids had to take the bus or walk to school, then I would be THAT mom. As is we only live 5 minutes driving from their school and I had already decided that Bill would take the oldest 2 if there was school so I wouldn't have to take Ben out.

      So yes maybe you are being THAT mom, if you mean that you are looking out for your kids safety and want them to be warm and healthy. I think kids playing Legos and you watching TV is a great way to spend a cold day!


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