Rebecca...Jacob...then me and now Benjamin!

Last Thursday night, Rebecca came down with a fever and a headache and missed school on Friday. Thankfully, there was no school Monday as she was still fighting a fever, but was able to go back to school on Tuesday. Tuesday night, I got a text from Bill  that Jacob had a high fever and was sick. He has been home from school since then. He will go about 12 hours without a fever, then it will come back.

Then Wednesday night, I came home and had a bad headache come on all of a sudden. So I decided to take my temperature...and you guessed it....I am now sick. I have been achy all over, going from shivering from being cold to being hot. I am taking cold and flu meds and it is making it a little more bearable today, but this will be the second day I am off work. (Since I work in a school, I can't go into work with a fever, even if I have taken meds to control it). Uggh...I have no energy and I just feel like I have been run over by a semi truck or a salt truck!

Then this afternoon, Benjamin got cranky and we took his temperature and it was 100.7. Looks like he is now down for the count. UGHHH!!!


  1. Thinking of you Rachel!! Hope all goes well with the surgery!!!


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