Snow Day!


Overnight last night we were supposed to get some snow. Depending on which weather forecast you followed, they were predicting anywhere from 1-8 inches in our area. So I went to bed thinking, we would at least have a delay this morning for school. I woke up around 4:30 and the ground and streets were covered in snow. We live on one of the main roads in our town and it was absolutely snow covered. Lovely. I checked my phone. No messages about delays, etc. Checked online. Nothing, although there were already tons of closing in surrounding counties. I could not go back to a deep sleep. Finally, around 5:45, I got an automated phone call from the school, saying we were on a 2 hour delay. Looked outside and the roads still did not look like they had been plowed or anything. I changed my alarm and went back to sleep. Right as I was finally getting back to a deep sleep, I get another phone automated message at 7:15 that school has been closed for the day. Then Bill texted me from work and said he had cleaned off the van for me for nothing. LOL

I finally got up thinking that I still need to shower and get ready for Benjamin's in home therapy appointment that he was supposed to have at 10:30. Well around 9, I get a phone call from his therapist's supervisor. His therapist was in a skiing accident and had broken her leg and required surgery and would not be coming. They were supposed to meet later with the team to see what could be done for Ben's therapy and how they could manage his therapist's case loads. So no therapy today either.

So we are having a snow day here. It is too cold to go out to play so am not sure what we are going to do.
I know that I should get off of here and get something laundry, balance checkbook, make grocery list, etc. Maybe I should at least go figure out what is for dinner.....or maybe I could go lay on the couch and read..... Not sure yet, what I am going to do.


  1. It seems odd and I feel old when I see that other people are having snow days and my kids are just out of the house. I did the whole school thing for so long that it seems like I'm forgetting things at times.
    Have fun with the kids and I hope that you get your laundry done!

  2. Hope you got to enjoy your snow day a little. Looks like we may get a "cold" day tomorrow around here...negative 15 degree wind chills predicted (first day back after Christmas break as well). When my boys were little and it was too cold to go out and play in the snow, I'd grab my 13x9 pans and bring the snow inside for them to play with at the kitchen table.


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