4th of July weekend recap

Last weekend was the 4th of July holiday weekend and we had a fun, family-filled couple of days. 

The night before the 4th, we were able to watch our city's fireworks from our front porch. We were able to see some of them above the trees. We decided not to go to them because I wasn't sure how Benjamin would react and we were able to keep him on his bedtime schedule and I wasn't sure how Jacob would react as he has been having issues with loud noises bothering him recently. So we decided to watch them from our house. Rebecca and Jacob loved watching them and Rebecca kept saying "This is awesome!"

The next morning, on the 4th, I spent the first part of the day cleaning and decluttering Rebecca's bedroom. Then, we headed out to my parent's house for a cookout. I told my parents that I wanted to provide the food so that they wouldn't have to worry about it. I brought over hamburgers, seasoned chicken thighs, and hot dogs, oriental ramen slaw, blueberries, triple chocolate pie and a coconut cream pie. My mom made pasta salad and had chips and melon. I will say it was a very relaxing afternoon/evening. 

After dinner, my brother (who is a boy scout) made a fire in my parent's fire pit and we were able to make s'mores with the kids. Jacob had never had a s'more before and he loved roasting the marshmellows. Then we just all spent some time sitting around the fire and talking and laughing. It was a very fun time for the kids and adults alike!  When we left, we were able to watch more fireworks from our van as we were driving home, which the kids enjoyed. 

Sunday, we went to the Children's Garden again and just spent some time relaxing. The kids had a great time and we saw more frogs which made Rebecca happy.  Overall, the 4th of July weekend was very relaxing and just what we needed!


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