Gatlinburg Family Vacation-- Day 3--IN the clouds

Tuesday, July 14, we knew that it was supposed to rain all day so we had already decided to stay in. In the morning, we got up and ate breakfast. Bill took the trash out to the dumpster, as he hadn't wanted to do it the night before in case of bears and the kids watched cartoons.

Throughout the morning, the clouds decided to roll in and they came and dropped over top of us.

It was really a cool experience to have the clouds drop over us and to be IN the clouds. It poured down rain for the most of the morning. In the afternoon, the clouds lifted for a couple of hours and the sun came out, so we took the kids back to the pool for some more fun.

After the pool fun, the clouds started rolling back in again. Bill and I were both feeling stuck on top of the mountain, so we decided to order in dinner for us-- sort of like a date night. I made chicken patties, fries and blueberries for the kiddos and we ordered dinner to be delivered from the Chalet Village Market.

I had a bacon cheddar burger from the Chalet Village Market. It was SO good! After dinner, we just hung out and watched some TV.

We went to bed hoping we could go down into town the next day. We were excited to see what day 4 would bring!


  1. when those clouds roll in it is great. I am enjoying reading about your vacation.

  2. Welcome to life in the Great Smoky Mtns....or any mountains for that matter.

    BTW-your video isn't working.

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the video. It was working in the draft and when I previewed it, but won't work once I published so I just took it off. :)


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