I was gone for a week....

To everyone who commented on my posts last week, thank you. I have commented back. I wasn't ignoring you, but I was out of town.  We had a very memorable vacation in Tennessee this week...including getting stuck on top of a mountain with bad brakes, time at the pool, encounters with 12 ft. sharks and penguins, great food, seeing a storm move in over the mountains and being IN the clouds, celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary, hiking in the Smokey Mountain National Park and seeing a waterfall, seeing dinosaurs in Kentucky and just being with Bill and the kids. But as Dorothy said in "The Wizard of Oz"..."there is no place like home." Glad to be home and thankful for great memories. But now, I am playing catch-up with a number of things. I hope to blog about our trip later this week. As of right now, I have to get ready for my tutoring appointment. Hope everyone has a great Monday!


  1. I just hope you hit the Russell Stover Outlet store coming into or going out of the area! lolz

    1. Oh no! We didn't get to do that this trip :( I didn't know there was one there. We did buy 6 huge pieces of fudge though in town :)

  2. Love the Smokey Mountains. We normally stay in Pigeon Forge. We are going to Lancaster PA though this year for a change. Glad you had a good time.


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