Gatlinburg Family Vacation-- Day 2--No brakes!

Monday morning, July 13, we got up and ate breakfast at the condo.Then we decided that we were going to go down into Gatlinburg and take the kids to the aquarium. 

Well, we were going off directions that we had printed off the internet. As we were heading down the mountain, we missed a turn and so Bill pulled off to see where we were. Right after we missed the turn, I started smelling a burning smell and when we stopped I noticed smoke coming from the driver’s side tire. Uh-oh…. 

Bill called AAA, and he had some issues with them. Thankfully, the owner of the cabin whom we had stopped by came out and offered his assistance. Our good Samaritan was willing and able to take the boys and I back up to the condo, while Bill and Rebecca waited for the tow truck. This man was originally from Ohio and had actually been in Ohio until the night before when he had to return for work. He was an angel in disguise for us. He was also able to give Bill the name of a guy that works on brakes and that wouldn’t charge us an arm and a leg. 

Long story, short, we blew a caliper on our front brake from riding the brakes down the mountain, which you had to do with the hairpin turns and the way the streets were going down. The shop that Bill had the van towed to, Sim’s Telstar Tire and Propane, only charged Bill $78 to do the brakes. Rebecca was so excited because she got to ride in a tow truck. They were willing to fix the brakes while they waited, and there were other customers there that gave advice on how to handle driving in the mountains. 

After they got the brakes fixed, Bill and Rebecca went back to Kroger to get more groceries for the week and for the next day. It was supposed to be rainy all the next day and we had already decided to stay in all day on Tuesday. 

When Bill and Rebecca got back, we took the kids to the condo’s pool and they had a blast in the pool. Benjamin especially LOVED the pool! That night for dinner, Bill made the kids hot dogs.  After dinner, we just relaxed and went to bed. 

Thankfully, Benjamin gave us very little fussing at sleeping in a big bed in a completely different room. Small miracles for the day. We were all looking forward to putting the stress of the day behind us, and seeing what day 3 would bring. 

(To read about the rest of our Gatlinburg adventures...see Day 1)


  1. Glad the day had a nice ending! Mountain roads are rough on brakes, but glad things worked out in the end and without a hideous bill!


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