Run, run as fast as you can....

That childhood rhyme is about how I felt this week. We got back from vacation last Saturday afternoon. Sunday we went to church and then came home and my plan was to get some stuff done, including planning for my tutoring sessions this past week, doing laundry, etc. What I didn't count on was being in bed most of the afternoon with a stomach ache that would not go away. It was not fun at all. When I got up Monday morning, that meant I was behind before I even started. 

I had such a busy week....
  • tutored Monday morning, Ben to speech Monday afternoon, home to drop him off then Rebecca to the doctor for her physical. Had to make phone calls to old doctor for her shot records. Then spent the evening planning out tutoring for the rest of the week.  
  • Tuesday, I spent the morning answering emails from last week and taking the kids to the library to turn in their summer reading program logs and get their prizes including a new book each. Home for lunch, then rushed back to library for a tutoring session where the child was  a no-show. The mom texted me that she had told me he wouldn't be there this week or in 2 weeks. I had the absence in 2 weeks written down but not this week. Aargh. Back home, fell asleep for 1.5 hours and then I had to go to an American Heritage Girls board meeting. Stopped at Walmart on way home to get chocolate. 
  • Wednesday, started laundry and worked on tutoring some. Had to drive 45 minutes to take Jacob to a doctor's appointment which took 2 hours, back home, made dinner, Rebecca had softball practice. 
  • Thursday morning, I had to work on some tutoring stuff in the morning, then had tutoring at the library for 2 hours, then home to tutor another client and spent over an hour talking to her mom after about a potential home-school job as a tutor as she is going to be homeschooling her girls; sent Bill out with Rebecca to a beach party for her old softball team, told him to bring Chinese food home for us for date night dinner; ate then crashed asleep.
  • Today, started a load of laundry, then left for errands---the kids and I went to Walmart, Aldi and Kroger getting home around noon. Put tons of groceries away, as I had to do a big shop as we were out of almost everything. Packed everyone back in the van, including Bill at this point, and headed out of town 45 minutes to a town where we had 2 stores to go to....we stopped at Max and Erma's for lunch and then went to Play it again sports to get Rebecca new softball cleats, a new bat, and a new batting helmet as she outgrew her other ones. We then stopped at a Goodwill store that a friend had told us about and I was able to get Rebecca 3 new outfits for winter, a pair of capris, a dress, a skirt for her American Heritage Girls uniform, a brand name jacket, 3 shirts for the boys, a jacket for Jacob, 2 pairs of running shorts for Bill and pair of shorts for Jacob for $66. All brand name items and in great condition. Will definitely be making this a seasonal trip. 
Now I am back at home, kids have been fed dinner and I am working on laundry. Kid are watching "Toy Story 2" and we are just relaxing. It has been a LONG, crazy, running kind of week. I feel like the Gingerbread Man....

How was your week? 


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