Guess who lost his first tooth?

On Saturday morning, as we were getting ready to leave our hotel to head home, Jacob started complaining that his tooth hurt as he was eating his apple. I went around to look at his tooth and it was very loose! Jacob had his first loose tooth! 

Today, right as I got home from taking Benjamin to his speech appointment, Jacob opened the door and was so excited because his tooth had fallen out moments before. 

So I guess this tooth fairy has to do her duty tonight and pay for his tooth! ( Oh and in case anyone is wondering, the going rate for a tooth in our house is $1 a tooth!). It is just another sign, my little boy is growing up!


  1. I think it was only a quarter or fifty cents when Kazi was little :)

  2. Love it! Losing teeth is such a milestone!
    I don't think it is important what the amount is; every family figures out what works for them. I think the joy of them finding it is pretty priceless. :)


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