From 2015 to 2016

Yesterday, the last day of 2015, started out bright and early. I had to get the kids up early and drop Rebecca and Benjamin off at my mom's house so that my sister could watch them for me. I had to drive Jacob over an hour to Nationwide Children's Hospital to get a CT scan done. Over the summer he was starting to face-plant and there has been some regression of his physical skills, so one of the doctors we were referred to wanted to have a CT scan done. This referral was made 2 months ago and I talked to the doctor's nurse last week and they were shocked that we didn't have an appointment yet. Well, Tuesday the hospital called and had scheduled it for 2 days later! Bill was unable to get time off work with that little notice.

Since Bill had to work, I had to take him. Now, let me say that I get severe anxiety when I have to drive to Columbus and especially when I have to drive on the freeway. Well, I did it. We got there with little to no difficulty; thank goodness my GPS on my phone was working the right way. Once we were at the hospital, it took longer to walk through the hospital and actually find the office that we needed to go to for the scan  than for the scan itself. Jacob did great and although he said he wasn't scared I could tell that he was. We hopefully will get the results soon. While we were walking back to the parking garage, Jacob asked that I take pictures of him with several of the animal statues that they have scattered throughout the hospital.

We got back to my parent's house around 11. After picking up the other 2 kids, we headed back to our town and I needed to stop at Kroger for some missing ingredients for our special dinner. Kroger was CRAZY; I try my hardest NOT to go the store the day before a holiday and that is why. Then I stopped at McDonald's and got the kids lunch as a treat. After we came home, the kids played with Ben's train track and just laid low. After Bill got home from work, it was time to watch football and have a fancy dinner.

Our fancy dinner included using our wedding china that just spends it's time in our curio cabinet, lighting candles, having sparkling grape juice and some fun appetizer foods for dinner. I made pizza bread in the bundt pan, mozzarella cheese sticks, jalapeno poppers, and potato skins, and we had strawberries! The kids loved it and said it was so fun!

After dinner, there was more football. The kids went to bed around normal time of 9 and unfortunately for my hubby, I fell asleep on the couch around then. Usually we stay up and play Scrabble and enjoy a bottle of wine on New Year's Eve. Well, he tried to wake me up once or twice and I wanted nothing of it. I am such a bad wife! I did wake up at 11:40 and stayed awake to see the ball drop and ring in 2016 with a kiss for my hubby. Then it was off to bed.

Today we have just been hanging out, not really doing much of anything. The kids have been playing with their toys. We watched The Rose Bowl parade on HGTV-- wow, some of those floats are so incredible! Right now, as I type this, the boys are watching Ohio State and Notre Dame play in the Fiesta Bowl-- Hubby and Jacob are rooting for Notre Dame, although it is not looking too good for them. Later, we might be having dinner with family....overall, it will just be a peaceful, hangout at home kind of day. Perfect to ring in 2016!


  1. I hate driving in a lot of traffic too. Hopefully, the scan gives you some answers and everything is fine. We always get Chinese food on New Years Eve, is a great tradition and no cooking for me. Cheryl

    1. Chinese food sounds really good! We may start doing that for Christmas Eve starting next year. Have a Happy New Year!

  2. I hope that the scan comes back good. It's always something when you have little ones.
    I too, try to avoid traffic and crowds. It just takes one long drive or trip to the store "for a refresher" and I'll avoid it all like the plague. That said on the 10th I have to drive DJ back. It's a 12 hr drive so I hit traffic no matter what.

    1. 12 hour drive...YUCK! Hope it goes okay for you. Happy New Year!


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