Stomach flu x4

You read that right. 4 of us in our house have been battling the stomach flu.

It started on Sunday, when Benjamin threw up in the morning and then had a little bit of diarhea. By Monday though he seemed to be fine, so we thought maybe it was something he ate....

Monday afternoon, after Rebecca got home, she said her stomach was hurting after lunch. Then she threw up all over the couch.....

Then about half an hour later, Bill started throwing up....

Okay, so I have one sick kid and a sick husband, I can deal with this....

THEN, about 8:30, I started throwing up....

Bill and I were up almost all night Monday night into Tuesday. Thank goodness we have 2 bathrooms. Rebecca thankfully, did not throw up once she went to sleep.

Tuesday morning, Benjamin woke up with diarhea. Only Jacob was unfazed. Sent him to school with a note to teacher to keep an eye on him.

Yesterday, as the day went on Bill started feeling much better. I was very weak and achy and had a fever. Rebecca was also achy. Benjamin kept having diarhea. It seemed to have hit me the hardest for whatever reason.

This morning, I woke up achy but feeling a little better. Kept Benjamin and Rebecca home another day. Both ate breakfast. Hoping this just goes away as fast as it came.

Apparently, it is going around Benjamin's preschool; I know of several other families who have had it. Ughh...


  1. So sorry! Nothing is worse than a family with a stomach bug

  2. Hard to look after sick little ones when you're so sick yourself! Hope you're all getting better now :)


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