Snow day today and lice

Last night I went to bed with the knowledge that they were calling for snow overnight and that I might have  tricky commute to get Ben to school this morning. Well I woke up around 3 and didn't see much snow on the ground so I thought maybe they were wrong. Around 5:30 I was awoken by my cell phone going off with a message that the schools were on a 2 hour delay. Okay so I reset my alarm and went back to sleep. Around 7am, just as Bill was getting ready to leave for work, I got another message saying that schools were closed for the day. Which means a SNOW DAY today! (Figures absolutely no snow and warm temperatures over Christmas and now we get freezing weather and snow!).

I will admit that the snow is pretty to look at. We got several inches and it is still snowing off and on as I type this up. The temperature is supposed to drop later today so am not sure if the kids will be able to go out and play or not.

The birds on the porch are happy that I refilled the bird feeder yesterday!



.... we have been dealing with lice at our house. I discovered lice on Rebecca's hair on Friday and we have been dealing with it since then. After using the over the counter stuff (NIX), I was still finding live lice. She can't go back to school until there are no more live lice. I called her doctor yesterday and they called her in a topical prescription, because apparently lice have become resistant to over the counter meds. I put it on her hair this morning and it has to stay on her hair for 10-12 hours before we can wash it out. All I have been doing the last few days is nit-picking, laundry, nit picking, laundry, nit picking, laundry, etc. Thankfully (and fingers-crossed) no one else has any. I really hope and pray no one else gets any. This has been a nightmare. I keep telling Rebecca that I am not upset with her, just frustrated at the annoyance. We think she have have picked it up either at school or at a lock-in that she attended at the YMCA where the girls were doing each other hair and sharing hair bows, etc. Uggh...I so hope this medicine works, because I am at my wits end.

Well I need to go and do more laundry and cleaning.

What fun stuff are you up to today? 
What's the weather like where you are?


  1. Thankfully we got off easy on the lice front here. Only 1 exposure the whole time the kids were younger/in school.
    Like fleas on pets head lice are so annoying and hard to get free of!
    Good luck....

  2. My daughter put my granddaughter's hair in one braid after she got lice several times. It was almost to her waist and thick. It worked. My granddaughter could not be careful enough to avoid her hair getting lice.

    Sharing hair stuff--the easiest way to get lice.

    Look up alternative ways. Mayo suffocates the lice and is less detrimental to your child that putting insecticide on her. My daughter would not listen to this advice, so I won't be surprised if you don'

  3. We had lice once in our house and it was miserable. I had to keep scalding bedding and pillows. Poor Anna got it from a party. I feel bad for you, I really do.


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