I really need to expand my travels

Earlier today I was on facebook and I saw that several of my friends had posted maps of all the states in the USA that they had visited. I have one friend who only needs to visit 4 states to have visited them all. I know that I am in the minority in that I have not visited very many states at all. Growing up we never really went on vacations until I was a teenager. Then we could only go places where we could drive, as my mother refuses to fly in an airplane.

So after seeing where others have been, I decided to see what my map looked like.....

Create Your Own Visited States Map

My map is definitely a lot smaller than others. But that is okay. I do hope to expand my travel area in the future; I have several places that I would like to visit on my bucket list that would add states to my map. These include the Baseball Hall of Fame (New York), the Georgia Aquarium (Georgia), the Grand Canyon (Arizona), Lambeau Field (Wisconsin), whale watching in Alaska, among other places. This year we are hoping to take a vacation to one of the states that we have already been to but love, so it doesn't look like I will be adding any new states to the list this year.

How many states have you been to? 
What state would you most like to visit but haven't? 


  1. I pretty much need all the states beyond the invisible line of MN/IA/MO/AR/LA, except for CA and TX which I have been to. I am missing 17 states, been to 33 states + DC.

    When you have kids, especially young ones, it is hard to travel and travel to new places.
    I wouldn't worry about not seeing more of the country until they are older or grown and you and Bill will have time to go where you both want.

    I think my most wanted right now is Alaska(but NOT in the Winter!lolz)though New Mexico is a close second.

    1. There are definitely states that we are holding off visiting until the kids are older...ie. Washington D.C., Arizona, etc. When the kids are grown, Bill wants to buy an RV and travel around the country to different baseball parks (both minor and major league). Personally, I would love to go whale watching in Alaska!


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