Catholic Kidz Camp and Finding Dory

Thursday night Bill, Ben and I attended the end of the week musical presentation for the Catholic Kidz Camp that Rebecca and Jacob attended. It was a week long vacation Bible school put on by our church. This year the theme was "Parachute with the Angels and St. Catherine Laboure." 

The kids learned about various angels and the role they play in our salvation. They also made crafts, sang songs, played games and role-played in skits. 

Thursday night was the closing ceremony which included the kids performing (singing and dancing to) different songs that they learned throughout the week. 

Rebecca and Jacob both said that they had a blast and they are already looking forward to next year when Benjamin will be old enough to attend as well. 

On Friday afternoon, Bill and I surprised the kids by taking them to see the movie "Finding Dory" in the movie theater. Typically we do not take the kids to the movies as Benjamin was not old enough and we just didn't feel the kids movies that have come out in the past few years have been worthy of the money to go see them in the theater. However, this time, we felt that Benjamin was old enough and he LOVES the moving "Finding Nemo" so we felt this would be a good choice for a first movie experience for him. 

It was a fairly expensive afternoon-- tickets were $32 and Bill got the kids kiddie popcorn and drinks which were $20, so we spent a total of $52 for the experience. However, it was worth it in that the kids loved the movie and we will never get to have another first time at the movies with Ben or Jacob or Rebecca. It was also our first time to go to the movies as an entire family. 

Benjamin did great during the movie. He was mostly quiet and seemed enthralled with the movie. About 5 minutes before the movie was over, he wanted to get up and sit on my lap. But overall it was a great first movie experience for him. 

As for the movie itself, it was good. It is a sequel to "Finding Nemo" and focuses on the character of Dory who goes in search of her parents and family. Personally, I felt that the story was inspiring especially when you look at it as a fish who has to find coping mechanisms to deal with her handicap and who has to cross an entire ocean and more to find her parents along with the help of her friends. I was glad to see that they referred to the original movie and there enough inside jokes that parents would appreciate. Overall, I thought it was a really cute movie. I will definitely be adding it to our dvd collection when it comes out on dvd and I recommend going to see it in the movie theater if you can.  

What was the last movie you have seen in the theater?


  1. Since my kids are all grown up now I don't really get to go to "kids" movies since I don't have any grandchildren yet :( Last movie we saw was the new Star Wars movie that was fantastic! Normally we go to $5 Tuesdays at the theatre or wait until we can get them at the library - they have just made the cost too prohibitive!

  2. The Conjuring 2 last weekend. My son is 16 and loves those scary movies. We made a deal though, I saw that with him he now has to go see Finding Dory with me. Finding Nemo was the first movie I took him to see in the theatres.


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