Spring Softball 2016 is Over!

The last couple months have been consumed with Spring softball league for Rebecca. She once again played for the Mount Vernon Girls Softball League. This season she was in the 10U league. She played for Charlie's Body Shop.

It was an interesting season. Her coaches were okay. They knew the game, but really didn't have the personality needed to be head coaches. I respect that they are parent volunteers and this was their first head coaching job. However, they did not have control over the attitude of their daughter and they let several of the girls have bad attitudes that spread around and several of the girls had no respect for the coaches at all.

Rebecca had fun and that is what matters. She spent most of her time playing second base and the outfield. She really improved her hitting and watching the strike zone, although she still tended to swing at really high pitches.

Her team played some really great games and then there were some where they couldn't hit the ball at all. They weren't the best team in the league and they were not the worst either. They ended the regular season with a record of 4-7. I don't think that I ever saw her win. It seemed like every time Bill took her to her games and I stayed home with the boys, her team won. 

This past weekend was the end of season softball tournament. Rebecca had to play at 9AM on Saturday morning. They lost that game 5-3. Then they had to play at 3PM. Bill took her to that game and I stayed home with the boys as the heat index was over 95 degrees. And don't you know that they won. I tell you I am a bad luck charm. Since they won at 3, they had to play again at 6:30. They won that game as well, so they then had to play on Sunday morning. 

Going into Sunday, I took the boys to my parents' house (along with a birthday cake and pasta salad I had made for a birthday party later that day) and then came back to town to meet Bill at the ballpark for her game at 10:30AM. Well, they ended up losing that game so they were out of the tournament. 

So softball is all over for the Spring. Rebecca says she still loves the sport, so she is looking forward to playing again in the fall ball league. As for me, I get a break from going to the ball park for about a month! LOL


  1. I know it keeps you busy, but learning to be a team player is a fabulous life lesson.

    1. Which is exactly why I will continue to encourage my kids to be involved in sports. :) Just for some reason this season seemed to take FOREVER. LOL


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