Children's Garden, Zootopia, and Minions

Friday afternoon neither Bill or I had to work, so we decided to pack up a lunch and take the kids to the Children's Garden for a picnic lunch.

The kids had a blast (as always) although they were disappointed that they had taken out the train and the tracks that the kids had loved playing on. 

First thing after lunch, they had to go explore the pond/fountain to see how many frogs they could find. We found 12 frogs, including one who hopped out onto a nearby bush to get it's lunch! 

After that we walked around the paths and the kids had fun going in and out of the different buildings and just enjoying being outside. 

I was kind of disappointed there were not more flowers that were planted and it was looking kind of plain. The prettiest flower I saw was one on a lily pad in a small pond! Oh well, it was a fun afternoon anyway.

Friday night is traditionally movie night with the kids. I rented "Zootopia" for them to watch as it came out this past week (and truth be told I am sick of all the dvds we have at home! LOL) 

Let's just say that I am glad we rented it and did not buy it. It was OK. Not horrible, but not a movie I would want to watch over and over. Rebecca seemed to really like it. Jacob and Ben lost interest about half way through it.  

Saturday, the weather was H.O.T.!!! It was the hottest day so far this year. It reached 95 degrees and it was humid. Bill took Rebecca to her softball game and I stayed home with the boys. Saturday night Bill had to work so I decided the kids could have a bonus movie night. We watched "Minions." 

Having never seen any of the "Despicable Me" movies I did not know really what to think going in. I will say that I thought it was better than "Zootopia" and that I will look into renting or borrowing the "Despicable Me" movies later this summer. Rebecca and Benjamin loved "Minions" and Jacob said it was good, but not his favorite. LOL 

Do you ever have movie night? 
Anyone have any good, newer children's movies that they would recommend?  


  1. Glad you had a great day. You do a lot of fun things with your kids! Kudos!

    1. Thanks for the compliment. My husband and I work a lot of hours so we try to make sure we plan things for the kids to do. Truth be told I am a doer as well so I enjoy being busy which works well for the kids but not so much for the housework. Lol

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