School's out!

Life has been crazy the last few weeks! (I seem to always say that because in reality, life with 3 kids means craziness!) 

In big news, SCHOOL IS OUT for the Summer! My kids are happy that they are on summer break, but they are also sad because they said they miss their teachers and friends! 

Benjamin had a FABULOUS first year of Preschool! 

His last day of school was May 20. I had the privilege of going on an all day field trip with him to The Farm at Walnut Creek (which I will post about later as it was awesome!). When we got back to the school, his teacher gave him his certificate of completion as we were not going to be able to make it to his end of the year picnic due to other obligations.

Jacob and Rebecca ended their first year at our local public school. They both had GREAT years.

Jacob graduated from Kindergarten on May 25, which also happened to be my hubby's birthday. 

He was so excited for his graduation, but he cried and cried after because he missed his teacher and his friends. After graduation, we took him out for a doughnut and then later to lunch at our local Mexican place with his Grandma and Aunt Mary.

Rebecca's last day of 3rd grade was also May 25. She spent the day at school and got a perfect attendance award. When we got her report card she had gotten straight A's! She is one smart cookie!

They had a few days to decompress and then we started our summer schedule which is keeping everyone busy, busy, busy! 

I am just so grateful that all the kids had great school years and that they are looking forward to going back to school in the fall.   


  1. Don't you love how they miss school already? I know we all want/wanted our children to have a great summer, but there is something deeply satisfying about having them love school!


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