Wolf Run Regional Park

Yesterday morning we decided to take the kids to a new to us park in our area. We decided to check out "Wolf Run Regional Park," whose sign we had passed a few weeks ago as we were coming home from somewhere else. 

I had heard it was the dog park, however when looking online it appeared that yes it was a dog park, but there were many more acres that were trails and places for humans to hike as well. 

Man were we surprised!

When you pull in the parking lot, there is the fenced in area for the dog park to your left. To the right is a picnic table shelter area. And then there are hiking trails to the front. We ate lunch at the picnic tables and then set off to explore the trails. 

Looking at the map, we decided to walk the pond trail. It would lead us out to a pond.

The kids loved walking the path and they stopped to look at a spider and took notice of many butterflies in the area.

The pond area also had a picnic table and a fenced in dock area. The kids loved seeing all the fish in the pond. We also heard several frogs, but didn't see any. 

After leaving the pond area, we headed up the Overlook Trail. And when I say headed up, I mean U.P.! The path was very steep going up and Ben decided it would be easier to crawl up it. LOL. 

At the top, there was an overlook that was kind of disappointing as there were 3 trees blocking the view. I am sure in the fall, the view is pretty looking at all the different colors of leaves, but it was disappointing during our walk. 

After leaving the overlook, we headed back down the path toward the parking area. At one point, I started becoming overheated, but felt better after I got something to drink. The kids were also getting really silly at this point and being goofy! 


Overall the paths, at Wolf Run, were nicely maintained and it was quiet. There weren't very many people and we didn't pass anyone during our time on the different paths except just as we were starting and then as we were almost back. As we were coming back, Bill said he was glad that we were doing things like this with our kids as his parents never did anything like this and he grew up not liking being outside, but now he was enjoying sharing it with his kids.  We will definitely be returning sooner rather than later to this find in our area.

Do you like walking paths and being outside? Do your kids like being outside?    


  1. Now that's my kind of day!!

    1. Jane, I definitely think you would love all the paths and places we have been discovering in our area.


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