Honey Run Waterfall and Rainbow Batman

This past Sunday, the kids were driving me insane and things were coming to a head because it had been so hot here and humid. Finally, on Sunday it wasn't as hot as it had been (at least in the morning), so I told Bill and the kids to get dressed including socks and tennis shoes, because we were going out. I decided to head out to Honey Run Waterfalls so we could do some hiking and just spend some time outside. 

The falls were running good as we had had some rain/storms the night before. As we were looking at the falls, another family came through and warned us not to go in the pond area where the falls fell into as they had seen several snakes in the water earlier. They then pointed out at least one long snake that was swimming through the water. EEK! 

After spending some time near the falls, we hiked several of the trails, including one out to the Kokosing River.

Then we hiked a path that was across the street, that was a good hike with inclines. We heard many, many cicadas as their drone was just constant. We didn't see any but we did hear them. We did see pretty wildflowers and tons of massive ant hills. 

After we hiked, we headed back home to get some quick lunch and so I could shower. 

After lunch, we headed over to my parents' house to celebrate my sister's 20th birthday. I traditionally make cakes for the family and she requested rainbows and Batman. I will have to say I think the cake fit her to a t! 

We made it to my parents' house just before a heavy thunderstorm hit, but that didn't stop my mom from cooking out on the grill. LOL

We were able to eat outside and my sister was able to open her birthday presents. We got her a pair of Batman themed flip flops that she can wear to the beach this summer when she comes on vacation with us. 

We did have to leave early as the kids spent most of their time bickering and picking on each other and tattling and whining, etc. It was tense ride home but what are you going to do? That is what makes memories, right? LOL 


  1. The bickering is mainly temporary memories. When My sons get together now they remember the funny times mostly


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