Memorial Day parade and craziness

On Memorial Day, our tradition is to go watch our town's parade. The past few years Rebecca has walked in it (first with her softball team and last year with her American Heritage Girls troop). This year Rebecca was walking in it again with her softball team. 

This was also the last year (probably) that my brother would be walking with his Boy Scout troop-- as he is on the verge of getting Eagle Scout. The weather was great and I did get a little sunburned. 

After the parade, we headed out to my parents' house to have a cookout. I decided to take water blasters and water guns for the kids to do. It turned into an all out water war, with my brother Josh soaking me several times. I think I was wetter than the kids. Thankfully, Josh's friend helped get revenge!

Overall it was a nice day and a great kickoff to summer. 


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