Monday, November 2, 2020

Trick-or-Treating 2020 and SNOW!

Happy Monday and Happy 2nd day of November! We survived Halloween! Our Halloween weekend actually ending up being good. 

Friday night I surprised the family with a spooky dessert of dirt pudding after our usual pizza. (Couldn't find gummy worms so we had ours with gummy snakes and frogs!) We enjoyed it while watching this week's episode of "The Masked Singer." I don't know why I have never made it before as it was simple and yummy! 

On Halloween, the boys got dressed up in costume and my dad brought my niece and nephew over to go trick or treating with us in our area. Our town was having Trick-or-Treat from 4pm-7pm to try to ward off huge crowds. Well let me say it really didn't work that well. But it is what it is. We wore face masks (and were in the minority) and we didn't do our typical route as it was packed.  We did see lots of people who were doing the candy chute idea, or had tables set up with candy spread out, or were using tongs to place candy in the kids' bags. The kids had fun and that is what matters. Oh and the weather was PERFECT-- Sunny, around 60 degrees! 

This year we had a taco....

a Spiderman....

And a dragon and Captain America to round out the dressed up bunch!

After trick or treat the cousins counted out their candies and played in the leaves for a bit before my dad and niece and nephew left. Then we had our traditional Wendy's for dinner that night. 

Sunday, we woke to cold temperatures and LOTS of wind and showers. Well, in the afternoon those showers turned to SNOW!! It is too early for snow! None stuck but still.... so not ready for that white stuff. 

Today, I have a couple of tutoring jobs, have a couple of people who are supposed to pick up DVDs that I am selling on Facebook, AND supposed to have a repair man out to look at our washer along with picking up and taking kids to school and other normal Monday stuff. It won't spin very fast. When it gets up to a certain speed it will make a noise and then slow way back down. I am hoping for a cheap, easy fix. 

What are your plans for this Monday? How was your weekend? How was your Halloween? 


  1. I am glad the weather was pretty for Halloween instead of rain, wind and snow.

  2. Love your Halloween costumes!
    And glad you had a nice time.
    Your cake looks so good!!!
    I packed up Halloween and fall today.
    Everything looks bare, but I am ok with that for now!
    Soon it will be all about Christmas!
    Have a cozy evening, my friend.

    1. I never got my Halloween stuff out, other than the door decoration. I don't know if I will do Thanksgiving decorations or not. It was warm and sunny today so didn't feel very much like fall.

  3. It ended up being a nice night to see kids walking around the neighborhood. It sounds like your kids had a fun Halloween.

    1. They did. I think they appreciated the little bit of normal (if you count masks as normal).

  4. Great Halloween costumes! Glad you had great Halloween weather and a nice time. Does seem like setting a time would make crowds larger not smaller but what do I know, LOL. Hope the washer was an easy fix and that you are having a great week so far!

    1. The washer still is not fixed... had to order 2 parts. I blogged about it today.

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