FTJ- DAY 2-- Calculate Net worth

Okay so todays assignment was to calculate your net worth. Well let's just say that DH and I are in dire need of a financial overhaul. It is really bad. Hopefully we can get some debt paid off and get a better number.

On the other hand I think I did okay today. I went to Kroger to do our grocery shopping...normally I will spend around $70 or so. Today I only shopped the perimeter of the store...and stopped myself from looking at the sale items from Christmas. And going by my approved list this is what I bought:

2 gallons skim milk
1 gallon 2% milk
pack of hot dogs
pack of pork chops
mozzarella cheese
head of lettuce
roma tomatoes
red bell pepper
green bell pepper
hamburger buns (-.25 coupon)
turkey lunch meat
bottle of diet dr. pepper (FREE coupon)
Total: 27.83

I really think I did good. I have to make out my menu now that I have Bill's work schedule. I will be glad when I get paid on Monday and Bill gets paid so that we have some money to pay bills. I hate having a low number in our checking account.


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