FTJ Days 15-25 Catch-up

So I have fallen behind in posting the Forget the Jones' assignments. So this will be a catch up:

Day 15 Prioritize pay down---Bill and I have decided to follow a modified Dave Ramsey approach...smallest balance first then after the Mastercard is payed off go to highest interest instead of next smallest which would be Ball State student loan.

Day 16-Re-evaluate your expenses...we did this and cut back some on Directv service and on money we spent on going out.

Day 17- Avoid Budgeting mistakes

Day 18- Create a budget

Day 19- Create a price book

Day 20 and 21- Create a master meals list and pantry list--- I did not write this down as our space for storage is small so I know exactly what I have in the kitchen.

Day 22- Go on a modified spending freeze...we are going to do this, by only buying necessities at the store

Day 23- Be a proactive shopper---use your price book to help you grocery shop, make a master gift list...--- I do this already

Day 24-25--Get into the decluttering mindset. Visualize your goals and image of each room in your home and what you want it to be. Take a before photo of each space.--- this will be easy as I am also taking part in FlyLady's 5 week super fling boogie. It will feel so good to get rid of stuff that we don't use or need.


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