FTJ--- DAYS 5-7 Dreams

So for Day 5-7 I was supposed to come up with a list of 100 dreams that I have, analyze what they say about me, and categorize them with importance and time frames. Honestly this one was hard in that so much of what I dream about is all tied together. I won't bore you with the list but I found that the list is ambitious and I hope and pray that I will be able to accomplish everything on it at one point or another in my life.

Also for day 7-- we were supposed to pick out 25 goals/ dreams to work on achieving. Many of my dreams are long term...however the ones that I can work on this year are as follows:

1.walk on beach of North Carolina with Rebecca and Bill
2. lose 25 lbs to get below 200 lbs
3. have another baby
4. wear clothes that fit me well and make me feel sexy
5. get the 3rd bedroom organized and cleaned
6. get the basement organized
7. continue to declutter
8. dye my hair or at least get highlights
9. pay off debt and reach financial stability
10. don’t be afraid to try new things
11. get Rebecca potty trained easily
12. give up diet pop
13. get over fear of driving in snow and on freeway
14. be less anxious
15. get over depression
16. take a family vacation every year
17. take more overnight trips
18. see new places in America
19. spend more time with extended family
20. email friends at least once a month


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