FTJ...Starting again....

Okay so you may have noticed I haven't been on here in a couple days...I have been really sick...had achiness, chills, sweats, fatique, sore throat, etc. for the last week. It has been awful! I haven't been this sick in a loooonnngggg time. Now that I am feeling a little better I can get back on track. Needless to say the spending freeze went out the window...Bill tried, but he bought food out a couple times and he bought me ice cream and 7-up to help my throat. I really had a lot of time to think though and to figure out that I am sick of living like this financially, so I asked Bill if he would cut back on his hobby. He didn't want to but he agreed...he even called Directv to get some things taken off of our package and get 4 of the recievers that he has turned off. I hope we made a good decision and he doesn't get angry or resent me for asking him to do that. I just got so tired of nickle and dimeing our lives, while he can spend $100-$200 on a whim for disks for his hobby. Anyways, so this weekend is going to be a time of catchup for days 3-9 on the FTJ and to get back on track. That shouldn't be too hard to do considering we are supposed to get 4-6 inches of snow. I will post the followups for days 3-9 later tonight or sometime Saturday or Sunday......


  1. I have been off track too. My daughter has a double ear infection and I haven't had much time to spend on the computer lately.

    Glad you're feeling better!

  2. Being sick is no fun! I'm glad your getting to feeling better!

  3. I know what you mean about being sick. I think its just going around right now. I been just resting today hoping to feel better. I'm glad you are feeling better. Thats a great step for you husband to cut out his hobby. I know it was hard for mine to cut out buying lotto tickets but hes doing great.


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