Christmas Bucket List

I have seen several versions of "bucket lists" around the blogging world. I have seen fall bucket lists, yearlong bucket list, as well as several other varieties. It finally dawned on me that this was a GREAT idea, especially since I have been known to feel bad after a holiday or a season for not planning things that I had wanted to do with my family.

So I have decided that this year, I will create a bucket list for the Christmas season.

This will include all the things that I would like to do with my kids and husband this year. Most of these I would like to accomplish before Christmas, but if I have to wait until after the New Year to do a couple of them (especially the ones that have to do with snow) that is okay too.

So here is my 2011 Christmas Season Bucket List
  • Build a snowman with the kids and use our snowman making kit I bought 2 years ago
  • Have a family snowball fight
  • Host a Christmas cookie party (with coworkers?)
  • Hang up Christmas lights outside 
  • Make and decorate a gingerbread house with Rebecca
  • Have Holiday movie nights with themed desserts (eg. watch Rudolph, while eating reindeer shaped cookies)
  • Take the kids to our city's Christmas parade
  • Take pictures in the snow
  • Take kids to Dinner with St. Nick at Rebecca's school
  • Go see Santa Claus at the mall
  • Purge and donate toys
  • Read a Christmas themed book every night of December with BOTH kids
  • Put up and decorate Christmas tree
So there you have it. There is my families Christmas bucket list. I hope that this means that this Christmas season will be one to remember.

What are you planning on doing this Christmas season?


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