Right now I am.....

Right now I am....

--Looking forward to the holidays. I LOVE Thanksgiving and Christmas!

--Surprised at how tired I have been lately. I have been going to bed around 9pm every night, as soon as I put Rebecca and Jacob to bed. This pregnancy is definitely making me tired a lot more than my previous pregnancies.

--Hoping for a good doctor's appointment this afternoon. I always get nervous when I go to the doctor for a pregnancy check-up. I am hoping that this one goes well.

--Looking forward to having today off of work. I love my job, but this week the kiddos have been CRAZY! And quite honestly I need a break from them today.

--Wondering what kind of cake I should make my niece for her 7th birthday this weekend?

--Thinking that I should call my brother and find out what Lacie wants for her birthday.

-- Grateful for a wonderful, crazy, funny husband who is working REALLY hard for our family.

--Happy that I have 2 healthy, adorable kids and a husband that I love!

-- Laughing at my crazy kids!

--Wishing that I had more energy.

-- Feeling a little down this morning because I once again did not clean up the kitchen before I went to bed. I really need to not be so hard on myself.

--Remembering things that are on my to-do list.

--Hoping for a good day today for myself, my family, friends and all my blog readers!

This post was inspired by the The Frugal Girl's post on Right Now I am.... I would like to thank her for inspiration for today's post.


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