Menu Plan for the week

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This weekend was VERY busy, with Thanksgiving, cleaning, Rebecca's birthday party, etc. Couple that with Bill getting sick Saturday night and all day Sunday and yesterday, and Jacob being sick yesterday morning. Made for a rough, tiring weekend. I think I am finally getting back into the routine of life. I think....

That being said, one of the ways to stay in the routine is to make a menu plan....I try to get these done on Monday, but a day late is better than not at all....

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday: Birthday girl's choice---she chose Burger King

Tuesday: Chicken and Cheese casserole for Bill and I, hot dogs and baked beans (leftover from party) for kids

Wednesday: Manwich sandwiches, veggies

Thursday: Spaghetti

Friday: Pizza

Saturday: Baked Fish (for Bill), macaroni and cheese, green beans

Sunday: Baked ham, julienne potatoes, broccoli

So there you have it. What are you eating this week?


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